Welsh Tenants set to close

There is still time to save Welsh Tenants, but we need your support now

Welsh Tenants will shortly celebrate 30 years since it developed its national federal constitution in 1987-88. However, it is set to close at the end of March unless one of our alternative resource plans can substitute our funding. The immediate prognosis is, that while there are a few housing associations and local authorities that have said they will subscribe, clearly this will not be sufficient to maintain a half decent service for tenants.

It is ironic that it’s not a case of wasted money, of poor governance, of morality or anything else that has ever been brought to our attention. We have a complaint record that would be the envy of the best providers of any service in Wales. We are repeatedly told that we consistently punch above our weight. We have dedicated thoughtful and knowledgeable staff and volunteers who are passionate about the representational and advocate role we provide. The amount of money we receive, which is small in comparison to some landlord tenant involvement budgets, represents value for money, with efficient and effective use of resources. For every £1 we receive from Welsh Government we receive 65p in volunteer and free access to resources.